Friday, May 30, 2008

So this morning I get up and look around my living room and it looks like a toy tornado came through. This is pretty much a commons state of affairs at our home. I try to stay on top of it by periodically taking armloads back to Jonah's room. But today every time I would take an armload back to Jonah's room, he'd take something else from his room and carry it into the living room. This along with the amount of toys and the difficulty of getting my pregnant belly up and down off the floor simply made the task feel impossible today. Out of frustrated I just gave up and laid down on the couch a while. Sitting on the couch doing some reading, Jonah proceeds to make trip after trip into his room and brings a different toy to me each time. He doesn't play with any of them mind you, just brings them over and puts them on or around me until there are toys on the couch around me, as well as on my lap and belly and at my feet. Finally, before lunch I went and got a big laundry basket and filled it up and took about half of the toys back into his room. Taking armfuls of toys back and forth just wears me out at 8 months pregnant. I probably should just put a big bin in the living room anyway and periodically put them away. He seems to have more interest in the toys when they are just jumbled up like that anyway. I can only imagine what the house will look like in a few months when we get the baby swing, bouncy seat and activity saucer back out for the new baby. ;-)

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