Saturday, May 31, 2008

Jonah's New Skill: Climbing

A week or so ago I took Jonah to a particular local park and he went up this ladder for the slide before I realized what he was doing. He had never done that before and after I saw what he was doing I, of course, was hovering to spot him in case he slipped as there was still dew on the play equipment that morning. He went up a couple of times that day without a problem but started to get tired by the third time. Well, last evening, we went to the same park and he came to the same slide via the ramp walkway and we waited to see if he would climb the ladder and as you can see in the clip below he acted as if he was an old pro at climbing that ladder. He climbed it a few more times after that. We were amazed at how quickly he learns new physical feats. These day's he's more into climbing than going down the slide.

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