Thursday, September 25, 2008

Giggles and Fun

Elisabeth giggled for the first time. Yesterday afternoon I went to clean her ear with a Q-tip and she shrugged her shoulder and giggled. I was shocked and delighted of course. I don't recall Jonah giggling so soon, but then it may be that time just seems to go slower with the first child. Later, when Kelly got home he held her for awhile and she was very alert and talking and smiling. Then he started tickling her and she started giggling again, which made us giggle as well.

Jonah has advanced in his playing recently. He has a couple of little people that he has been playing with a lot and pushing them around in his Little People boat. And what is funny is I think he is calling one of them Redgy which he actually pronounces "Ready". I think he is associating that boat with his Papaw who took us on a boat ride during a recent visit. Jonah heard Grammie calling his papaw, "Redgy" and started repeating it. He still says "papaw" but he still remembers "ready" as well. :-)

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