Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Early Teether

Well, I have determined that Elisabeth really is teething and that has been the source of much of her fussing the last few weeks. I gave her tylenol pretty much around the clock last week and it was a much more pleasant week than the previous month. Jonah cut his two bottom teeth at 3 months - his first 3 months were really difficult - being a first-time mom I didn't realize the cause of his crying until afterwards. This time all the drooling and the fact that tylenol has helped confirms it for me this time - even though I don't see teeth yet. She has been a much more smiley girl this week. I keep trying to catch her smiling with the camera but it hasn't quite happened yet.

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Shanna said...

Well, I guess I was wrong about this one. She is 4 1/2 months now and still no teeth in sight. Not sure why the Tylenol helped. Maybe it was just a fluke. Glad she is doing much better and is much less fussy these days. Those first three months are very challenging.