Thursday, February 12, 2009

Update on Latest Potty Training Episode

After my last post, I put Jonah down for a nap and put an actual diaper on him instead of a pull-up. He had been running around all morning with no pants on and so I left him without them for his nap. The last time he went to bed without a diaper resulted in a naked bottom, but I thought, "Oh he probably won't take off his diaper now." I kept hearing him awake and the the second time I checked on him he was out of bed and behind the rocker naked from the waste down. I asked him where his diaper was and he kept pointing to a spot on the carpet. I told him to show me and he put his little hand on a specific place on the floor and it was wet. I found his unused diaper in the trash can. So he had taken his diaper off put it in the trash and I suppose was playing naked on the floor and went peepee and that's when he started hollering some unintelligible thing that got me to come to his room. Oh well. At least he knows how to use the trash can :)

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