Thursday, September 10, 2009

Elisabeth is Walking

She has been taking a step or two the last couple of days. This morning I took the kids to a free Kindermusik class preview and she got so excited - I think she wanted to dance - she got up and took several steps in a row. Of course, I didn't have my camera with me. I have been trying to get video of her walking more than two steps all day. Finally, this evening, I caught a good long walk on video.


ladyjackalope said...

Fantasy Elisabeth! You did good little one. I went to the kitchen and had George come look,I just kept replaying Elisabeth walking and Jonah zooming into the back/side ground,she seemed so proud of herself.thank you so much for sharing.Give Elisabeth a special hug and Jonah a hug also, Love to all , Grandma Theresa~~AKA Great Grandma Theresa

Amy said...

Yay!!! Congratulations!