Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Star Wars Fans

Jonah really likes Star Wars. There are a couple of the animated Clone Wars episodes that we have deemed safe enough for him to watch - so he is familiar with Jabba the Hut, Yoda, General Grievous, - he tends to remember the nonhuman characters the most. For his birthday I got him a couple of Light Sabers that I picked up at a consignment sale. Kelly asked me why I purchased two - getting just one seemed silly. You have to have someone to battle with - otherwise, it's untelling what in the house would suffer as the Target (i.e. Baby Sister).

I wish I would have picked up the camera after this, because Kelly and Jonah took to some sword play with Kelly making sound effects. Jonah wacked him in the face at one point - quick learner I guess. Elisabeth was very interested as well. I suppose she'd make a good Princess Leia.

BTW: I have caught Jonah humming the tune to Star Wars.
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