Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Elements of Jonah's Creation

Okay, here is the list of items:
1. Stroller (that one is obvious but it still counts)
2. Basketball hoop (red/yellow thing with white/blue thread - bottom right) T
3. Jump rope (it's black/white with green handles) T & G
4. Baby links (top right) T & G
5. Dog leash (black strap) T & G
6. Green multi tool that he got from Chick-fil-a (right, near jump rope)
7. Purple rocket gun (minus the rocket) T & G
8. Cabinet safety latch (white thing - top left) G
9. Lipstick case (red thing attached to white cabinet lock)

So from my count we have a tie. Gina got 5 and Grandma Theresa got 5 ( I counted the exercise band as the jump-rope).
It's probably poor form for me to give out different prizes for each, but oh well. Gina is getting a gift certificate to Chick-fil-a because I know baby Samuel likes their kids meals already (and it's fitting since one of the gadgets in the picture came in the Chick-fil-a kids meal - the multi tool.) Grandma Theresa is getting a special picture in a special frame.


Amy said...

Wow I definitely would have lost! I just recognized the jump rope and dog leash!

Gina said...

Baby Samuel thanks you for the CFA gift card( and his mommy does too).
We love you!!