Saturday, September 19, 2009

Walking verses Crawling

Elisabeth has made great strides in walking this week (pun intended). She is really enjoying her new ability. For the most part, she is preferring to walk rather than crawl now. Not only that but she likes to carry things around. I have really enjoyed watching her sweet determination this week. She really is very careful. Last week she spent a lot of time taking two or three steps, falling down, and then getting back up as if she was practicing soft landings in preparation for attempting long jaunts around the house. She can now walk all over the living room and into the kitchen without falling. You may notice in the video that she has little check points where she takes a break and secures her balance before continuing on.

If you too think it's adorable and just gotta have more, I have make a set on our flickr account that is devoted to this stage of her learning how to walk. Enjoy!

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