Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Decorations with a Real Tree

I traditionally decorate for Christmas on the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend. Although, last year I started even earlier. We got out our old fake Christmas tree that consists of two pieces that you pop together. I set it up and started trying to straighten the fake wire stems and make it look somewhat presentable. Mind you I paid like 10 bucks at a Target clearance sell 12 or more years ago - so it was looking pretty bad. I call it the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. But like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree, once you decorate it, it doesn't look half bad - after all it's the one we used last year. My husband is observing my activities and says, "Do you want to go get a real one?"

So off we went to get a real tree. We ended up buying a 5-6 ft Frasure Fir from Home Depot for $25. I thought that was pretty reasonable. Jonah helped put the ornaments on the tree. Elisabeth likes to take them off!


ladyjackalope said...

From what I see of the new Christmas Tree it looks very pretty,and with Jonah helping is so sweet,I remember another one Jonah decorated with a little of everything on it ~;-D So when it is time for the tree to come down Elisabeth will be a big help for the lower branches getting the ornaments off,since she likes doing that part of helping.Making it a nice family affair.Love to all.

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