Friday, February 12, 2010

Jonah and Elisabeth are Growing Up: Driving Already!

Yesterday was a day of firsts for Elisabeth. First of all, she peepee'd in the potty for the first time ever. She has been very interested as a result of Jonah's new found consistency. Jonah has been going potty both number 1 and 2, at home and out since the new year (accidents not withstanding) - Yay! Then, she rode the ATV by herself - meaning that she figured out where the gas pedal was and made it go (with Daddy hovering a few inches away of course.) When Jonah first got the ATV at Christmas we put her on it and Daddy pushed the pedal a little. Then, she didn't seem to like it to move; she just liked sitting on it. Jonah was a bit afraid of it at first too. But by day two, he had it figured out.



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ladyjackalope said...

Elisabeth,how great~;-D Using the potty,having and older sibling sure makes a difference in learning things,and the ATV,someone may have to come up with one for Elisabeth someday,I'm sure for now Jonah will share with his sister. Two would sure keep Dad busy directing traffic for the two of them. Jonah and Elisabeth,how great having one another to learn and share with.Love to all.