Monday, May 09, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

My mom arrived late Wednesday to spend Mother's Day weekend with us. After recovering from her delayed arrival, we went to the mall for lunch and shopping and then out to dinner at a local Mexican joint on Thursday.  I had forgotten that it was Cinco de Mayo so it was appropriate. We finished the evening on the back porch playing with the kids.

Friday, we went Strawberry picking with Gina and Samual at Porter Farms followed by a picnic at Lake Wheeler Park.  And in the evening we all sat in the living room and watched Tangled together - such a cute movie.

Saturday, Elisabeth, Mom and I met up with my mom's first cousin who lives in the area for a girls day out. We finished out the day watching Kelly do home improvement projects and watching the kids play in the yard. And Grammie finally got to paint Elisabeth's nails.

Sunday, Kelly made us all breakfast and then we headed to Brick Magic. We went last year on Mother's Day as well, and I was blown away by all the brick creations. This year it wasn't quite as astounding to me since I had been before, but I was elated that it didn't seem so crowded. I didn't take the nice camera this time so the pictures aren't as good. Grammie got into the spirit of things and purchased a female doctor mini-figure and patient.  Go Grammie!

All in all a great Mother's Day weekend!

We took Grammie to the airport this afternoon and thankfully she had no delays and made it safely to Orlando. Elisabeth kept saying, "I don't want her to go to airport!"  "I want to go to Florida."

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