Friday, May 20, 2011

Turkey Bound

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Tomorrow we are off to Turkey for two weeks with our good friends the Burns. We leave Raleigh-Durham in the morning and fly to New York where we will board a direct flight to Istanbul. We plan to update this blog and Kelly's blog that he started when he traveled to Turkey in '09. We'll see ....

This will be our first international trip as a family of four - well perhaps that's technically incorrect. I was 5 months pregnant with Elisabeth when we took 18 month old Jonah to Tunisia for two weeks. You can find a handful of posts from that trip in the archives from April 2006.

That trans-atlantic flight was exhausting. We're hoping for the best this time around. If you think of us tomorrow, pray that we have a peaceful, restful, fun flight and check back here for updates.

Bon voyage!
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ladyjackalope said...

Hi Kelly,Shanna,Jonah and Elisabeth, I think of you all and pray for all of you every night and everyday,God Bless and watch over all of you on your trip to and back from Turkey,be safe and be in touch, Love to all, Grandma Theresa