Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Today Jonah had his 18-month appointment. He weighed 26 lbs and 7 ounces and his height was 32 inches (I think). They wrote it down for me, but I forgot the paper. I'm pretty sure that's right though. So his weight has caught up to his height with both being in the 50-75% on the growth chart, whereas, at his last few appointments, he was showing a slender trend with his height in the 50-75% and his weight in the 25-50%. Dr. Adams asked how we were keeping his so healthy. It took me a minute to realize he meant in regard to sicknesses as he hasn't been in to see the Doctor for anything but regular checkups. I didn't really have an answer. We'll just say "Thank you God" and leave it at that. Several people we know have recently gotten the flu. So you can certainly pray with us that we ride through this flu season healthy.

A short note about Jonah's little sister. She has really been moving a lot the last couple of days. Kelly was even able to feel her movement last night for the first time. I officially got out all of my maternity clothes yesterday. My normal clothes just won't fit anymore, but I guess it's about time as I am half-way through this pregnancy. Won't be long now.


Gmapapaw said...

It is amazing to see the world through the eyes of a child. Even a child seen by video.

Gmapapaw said...

I think Jonah is staying well because you are home with him. Day care centers are a breeding ground.