Sunday, March 08, 2015

Milestone Bike Ride

We just had a lovely family bike ride around Lake Baldwin. It is significant because my 6-yr old pedaled her bike the whole way. She has been using her bike as a balance bike for a long time and today we decided to put the pedals on. She did great and completed the 2.5 mile trail with a smile on her face! Kudos to Daddy for successfully helping her with the transition. Way to go Elisabeth!


Grandma Theresa said...

You did great Elisabeth, Also see you did get into a better outfit for biking,also did not get to hear what you did with change in bedroom,will have to remember to tell me next time I see you L,glad you all had a fun day. Love you, Grandma Theresa

Anonymous said...

I love your princess tiara,Elizabeth!

Larae said...

We did that with bekah too. So much easier than the old school way. Hoping to maybe get ben off his training wheels this summer too.