Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Durham Rescue Mission's Bargain Table

I took a friend out to the RDU airport this afternoon. Since I was in the area, I decided to stop by the Durham Rescue Mission's Bargain Center which is nearby. After paying 75 cents for a brand new address book (that I plan to put in the RV for keeping contact information on good campsites), I decided to walk around outside where most of the furniture is stored. Usually, the furniture is the sort that really needs a little refurbishment. You can usually find some good solid chairs with good bones, but needing some significant TLC or reupholstering. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of confidence in my DIY repurposing abilities. Thus, I have never actually bought furniture from there - until today.

There was a nice all-wood table for the kids that didn't have a price tag. I have been wanting a replacement for the metal folding one we have which is well worn and is really too small for both of by kids to sit and play or draw. When I asked the gentleman in charge how much, he quoted me $45. The table had some stickers on it and one of the chairs seemed like it needed some tightening so I hesitated. When I looked like I was going to walk away, he says that he could go down to $30. I told him I would go and look it over again. On this second inspection, I found the KidKraft logo underneath and was able to do a quick internet search and realized that these tables sell for over $150 retail. Being convinced that $30 was a very good deal and paid for it. (I was thankful that it fit in my little SUV.)

So now we have a nice, solid, appropriately-sized table for handwriting exercises which we will be adding to our homeschooling activities in the near future. AND, I rather like the fact that it's not perfect, because I will be less likely to freak out when Elisabeth writes on it, accidentally or not, with a sharpie - LOL!


UmSami said...

great, my kind of bargain; ur a woman after my own heart. Also read that recycling furniture is a major way to save $ and resources!

Shanna said...

Thanks! My husband was impressed even - he said it was a good deal at $45. You should check out the store.