Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Story of the World: Superbly Illustrated Literature Suggestions

We continue to work through The Story of the World curriculum when we can. Each Chapter lists corresponding literature suggestions, but often times I can't find those books at our library. So I look for others. It just so happens that I ran across a couple of books that are the perfect complement to Chapter 14: The Israelites Leave Egypt. You might think any old bible story books would do, but given that this chapter comes after studying the Old, Middle, and New Kingdoms of Egypt, it is nice to have illustrations true to the culture. The Moses Basket by Jenny Koralek with illustrations by Pauline Baynes and Exodus which is written and illustrated by Brian Wildsmith are great examples. Both illustrators have won awards for their work. Take a look inside the books at Amazon for a glimpse of their work.


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