Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Dinosaur Invasion at Leu Gardens

Here is a little photo journal of a lovely morning spent at Leu Gardens this week. The kids loved searching out the dinosaurs that have "invaded" the gardens (The Dinosaur Invasion lasts until the end of April). It was amusing how frustrated they were with us moms for continually stopping and talking. There is just so many interesting plants in these 50-acres of beautifully cultivated gardens. The camellias, ferns and cycads were among our favorites. 
Admission costs to this lovely garden are usually $10 for adults and $3 for children; we picked up a free child pass at the Orange County Library. Admission fees at Leu Gardens are waived on certain days of the year; check their calendar of events for details.

Angel's Trumpet
I do love all the mature Southern Live Oaks
Grove Workers Sculpture
"Pink Perfection"variety of camellia
The kids waiting on us to catch up
This is what they looked like before I had them pose for a picture
Acanthus montanus (a.k.a Bear's Breech, Mountain Thistle and less commonly Alligator Plant)

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