Sunday, January 08, 2017

Montmorency Falls: A Must See in Quebec

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Montmorency Falls or Chute-Montemorency on the the north shore of the St. Lawrence River is a mere 15 or 20 minute drive from the old city of Quebec. There are stairs, bridges and overlooks (belvedere in French) all around the site allowing views of the falls from many vantage points. A lovely picnic spot with swings sits atop the falls on the eastern side and a small playground is situated on the west side of the bridge. Another playground lies at the bottom of falls near the visitor center. There are fees for vehicle parking whether at the top or the bottom. For a more unique and expensive perspective, one can view the falls from a sky-tram that transports riders from the visitor center below to a restaurant and trails at the top.
Montmorency Falls is a must see that provides a spectacular view of the city and the surrounding area. The natural beauty of the place is impressive in any season and it provides a great physical context for learning the history of Quebec City.
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A belvedere along the elaborate stairs overlooking the falls
2016-08-07 18.42.21
A view from the top of the St. Lawrence River Valley with the bridge to Ile de Orleans
2016-08-07 18.25.43
A view of Quebec City from Montmorency Falls
2016-08-07 19.36.18
An idyllic park near the top of the water fall

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