Sunday, June 11, 2017

Fashion Tips from a Desert Diva

Elisabeth, our Desert Diva and hiking fashion expert, has a few recommendations for your next desert hiking adventure. 
First, wear bright colors. Should you become lost, you will be easy to spot by search and rescue. If you can throw in some bright, zebra-striped socks to confuse the coyote, all the better. After all, we did hear several minutes of howling while hiking in Monument Valley. 
Second, our Desert Diva recommends a walking stick about shoulder height. A quick-dry bandana is a great way to finish off the ensemble as it has many uses including a hair cover or dust mask. When tied to the walking stick, it makes a perfect flag for attracting attention should assistance be required. It also makes a superb hobo bag in which to collect other people's lost items found along the trail. 
Our fashionista was able to incorporate most of her finds into her overall look - here she is sporting sunglasses found in Monument Valley. While in Arches National Park, she also picked up a turquoise encrusted, leather choker to complete her desert look.
So, if your parents compel you to traipse through hot and dusty desert landscapes, you too can do it in style.

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