Saturday, May 09, 2009

The Best Me Ever! An Astronaut?

Jonah surprises me almost daily as he learns to articulate his thoughts. Here are a couple from the week.

The other day he picked up a mirror and points to the mirror and says that's Jonah. Then he says, "Look mommy, it's the best me ever." And hugs the mirror tightly to his chest. I'm not sure where he got such great self esteem. I suspect he picked that phrase up from Sesame Street, but I can't say for sure.

Lately he has had this obsession with spaceships. He has loved airplanes for some time but spaceships have won out lately. I think it began when we bought the movie "Wall-e" for him. (He also really likes robots now - you should hear his robot impersonation.) So now everything, toy or not, becomes a spaceship that he flies through the house: ink pen, baby rattle, screw driver, etc. A week or so ago we went to a book store. While in the kids section, Jonah gravitates to a children's book about astronauts. We ended up buying it (Luckily it was in the Bargain Section). It is now one of his favorite books. It very simply describes the life of an astronaut. Well, yesterday we're putting his shoes on to get in the car and he tells me quite matter of factly that he wis going to go to astronaut school and repeated that statement a few times throughout the day.

Well, my dear, sweet Jonah. Whether you become an Astronaut or not, may you forever be the best you ever!

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ladyjackalope said...

How neat!That old saying,"You have to love yourself before you can love anyone else" well!Jonah has a head start seeing that is the best Jonah in the mirror.And if he becomes and astronaut or jet pilot,he is looking up to the heavens/stars now,so whatever he becomes he will be great and he has so many years before him to make his future,he has a great start.Love to all.