Friday, May 15, 2009

Our 1st Family Camping Trip

We took our first camping trip as a family a couple of weeks ago. The kids did great. Bedtime was a little more challenging, but besides that it went well. We went to Morrow Mountain State Park. We did get rained out on Saturday night. Since we were only a couple hours away from home we decided to throw in the towel. It was a bit challenging throwing all the wet things in the car, but we managed. Here's the pictures we took during the trip.


ladyjackalope said...

Great pictures,looks like a fun place to camp,not sure about the snake,most of all at night.As long as everyone had fun,and looks like everyone did,what was Dad cooking? Maybe next time the weather will not cut it to all G~ma

Shanna said...

It was actually a lizard. We did see a snake the day before and I shreiked and almost tripped. Not a very good example for Jonah I'm afraid. If this was a snake, it probably wouldn't have been me taking a picture of it.