Monday, April 19, 2010

Hidden Objects are a Hit

A friend gave Jonah a Highlights calendar for Christmas where each month has a picture filled with hidden objects. I love those types of things and was excited to work on it with him. In January, I sat down with him while Elisabeth was sleeping to see if he would find it interesting. I don't know if he just didn't get it or it was a bad time of day or what, but the couple of times I tried to engage him in the activity I failed miserably. So I just put the calendar in his sight line on the refrigerator, and, recently, he went over to study it and found something hidden in the picture. I guess the whole idea clicked with him then and he has been very into it ever since. We finished almost all the pictures up until April and he has already started on May. So today, I got the idea to search online for some free, printable hidden object sheets. If it's something he will sit down and work with me on, then I want to encourage it. The thing he most needs to work on is his fine motor skills and holding a writing implement (he will hardly use a fork). So I also printed off a couple of sheets where he traces objects and he really enjoyed that as well. So I guess I'm just encouraged because I feel like I have finally found a starting point to work with him on some things. Here are the links I found for some useful, FREE worksheets.

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ladyjackalope said...

O.K. I will try this again,last time I finished and previewed and it just disappeared.I like this idea with hidden objects,I checked out the links and a couple of them I had fun with,not sure if it was third down or not,thought it was neat when you found object it would show up in color and then when complete the whole picture was in color,have fun Jonah,you can do it,Love to all.