Sunday, April 11, 2010

Working for the Money


We recently started a new "thing" with Jonah, where we ask him to do some work for which he gets paid. (This is above and beyond the pick your toys up - normal stuff.) It helps direct his energy and teaches him responsibility. It also gives me a direction for "conversation" in the the store when he wants something. (BTW: He knows where all the Target's are in the area, as soon as you get close he asks if we are going there - he is his mother's son after all.) So now he can save up and buy himself his own toys.
A couple of weeks before Easter, Jonah was looking through the Toys R Us ad and telling us all the things he wanted. Since then, we have been getting his brain around the idea that you have to sell some of the toys you have so you can buy new ones or work for the money. He has been all for it. Last week, we collected up some toys that he hadn't played with for a while and sold them at a local consignment store. As a result, he had a good bit of money in his piggy bank (it's actually a blue, fuzzy, bunny bank that I paid 25 cents for at a recent consignment sale.) 
The next time we went in Target, he wanted to buy a toy with his money. We saved that department for last and walked up and down a few aisles while he looked over his options. He kept going back to this $20 Imaginex set with men, a truck and a monster, and finally settled on that. I have to say he knows his likes pretty well, as he has played with that almost exclusively all week.  Now he only has a few dollars left over, but want's a bubble lawnmower like his friend Livi. Daddy told him if he helped mow the whole yard that he would buy Jonah one. He couldn't hang in there for the whole task, so he only got some change for his piggy bank. Maybe next time!

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ladyjackalope said...

That sounds so great,learning the value of money and how to handle it,plus responsibilities,easier to teach them when younger than at a later age.Proud of all,love to each and everyone ~;-D