Tuesday, May 04, 2010

NC Maker Faire 2010

The day after the Waterfowl Park we stopped by the NC Maker Faire. It is affiliated with the publisher of Make magazine. Their website says, "Our goal is to bring together Makers, Crafters, Inventors, Evil Geniuses, Scientists, Artists, and anyone else interested in learning." Not sure which category we fit in, but we "fit in.". They had everything there from people who create model battleships that actually shoot at each other in mock battle to people who recreate items from the middle ages including clothes that they wear (I got the feeling they wear them all the time, not just at special events.) It was a major Geekfest - and we thoroughly enjoyed it!

There were a few vendors/inventions that really intrigued us including a machine that was in essence a 3-D copier, called a MakerBot.
The cool thing is it is totally open source (no licensing) anyone can get one and make whatever your brain can think up. One of the guys said that his daughter dreams up furniture for her dollhouse and he makes it on the machine.

The biggest hit was definitely the LinkerLogs that are made out of plywood and produced on a ShopBot. We all had fun hanging out in this room - Jonah would not leave even to go to the bathroom!
I really like them too! You could create your own playhouse take it down, and build something different.

Here was an interesting contraption:

I helped Jonah "make" a spaceship/hat

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ladyjackalope said...

Shanna, I am still getting caught up on some of your blogs,I have missed a few,this was a good one, never heard of Linker Logs,only the Lincoln Logs,or have I confused the two? Anyway real neat.Love to all, ~;-D