Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Are you a LEGO Fan?

If you are, then you will totally love these pictures. We went to the 2010 Raleigh BrickMagic Festival on Mother's Day (mom's and kid's under 4 were free!). Some of these LEGO Models were spectacular. Enjoy!


ladyjackalope said...

Just think how neat it would be to see,most of all for Jonah,the bedroom of a little boy in Raleigh that Nathan Sawaya help to renovate into a Lego Wonderland,must see if that can be found in search for Extreme Makeover in Home edition 2006.

Gina said...

You always find the best activities for your family. Where was this located?

Shanna said...

This was held at the Hilton hotel on Six Forks. Kelly saw the flyer when we went to the Maker Faire in Durham. He was the one who also knew about the Maker Faire. So he gets credit for coming up with those ideas. :-) Just sharing his interests with the kids.