Saturday, May 08, 2010

Silence Equals Mischief...

... is what I call "The first law of Motherdom." With two dogs and two little people in the house, when it's quiet then you can be assured something "interesting" is going on somewhere in the nether regions of your house. Either the dog is busying himself in the trash or Jonah is making snow in your bathroom by decorating it with baby powder or Elisabeth is trying to figure out how the nail clippers work and clip her own toe nails, or Jonah is emptying an entire bottle of shower gel into his bath. Yes, all of these things happened this week alone! The bath gel happened just last night; I left a brand new bottle of shower gel in their bathroom because we had an overnight guest earlier in the week. At least he smells, REALLY good today!

On another note, Jonah totally dressed himself this morning by his own prompting and with absolutely no assistance from either parent. Amazing! And he made his own bologna sandwich yesterday, with some guidance from mommy of course. He is really getting into helping me cook. (He likes to taste things as we go along.)
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