Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fishing with Kids at Blue Jay Point

Last weekend, we got up early-ish and went to Blue Jay Point County Park on Falls Lake to go fishing.  The weather turned out to be perfect for a July fishing trip compared to our last venture. It was overcast the whole morning with a occasional sprinkle. I took some reading material thinking I would be reading most of the time. But, the kids lost patience not long after getting just a few bites and never pulling anything to shore. So I started fishing using Elisabeth's Barbie pole and couldn't stop. I started catching little bluegill and even a couple of immature bass, and, well - I was hooked (pardon the pun). Alas, I am my father's daughter. 

The last hour, Jonah finally got bored throwing rocks and exploring the little peninsula we were on and decided to get serious about fishing again. So he sat with his pole in hand  (actually his sister's; his didn't survive last weekends trip - sorry Papaw!) and waited.  

After a few bites the bobber went under and I encouraged him to reel it in - and thank God, the fish stayed on. It brought joy to my heart to see him so excited upon reeling in his first catch. 

You can barely see the fish in this photo but it's there
He too caught the fishing fever and proceeded to catch two more little guys. Kelly got tired of fruitlessly going for the big stuff and decided he wanted to have some fun and catch something.  Mommy caught the most at 10 mostly on Elisabeth's Barbie pole no less - not much to brag about perhaps but bragging is part of fishing!

Daddy setting up the poles 
Elisabeth getting into the fishing
No swimming baby girl!
Elisabeth finding other entertainment
Before we left Blue Jay Point the kids got a little playground time. They were cracking me up on the spring animals.

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