Monday, July 18, 2016

Tor Bay Provencial Park

This morning was beautiful here in Isaac's Harbour. I had a lovely morning walk, talked with some locals and snapped photos of the area. After lunch, Elisabeth and I went across the road to the shore and met a lady who told us about a lovely beach with both sand and rocks just 30 minutes away. It was so warm that we were actually considering a swim. So, we decided to drive to Tor Bay and check it out. We made it 10 minutes down the road to Drum Head when the fog rolled in. I continued on anyway and we were so glad that we did. Tor Bay Provencial Park is amazing. It reminded us of places in Newfoundland. The sun broke through a couple of times during our visit but not enough to tempt us into the water. Nevertheless, we had a wonderful time exploring this gem of a park. We hope go back again with daddy. Who knows, maybe it will be warm enough for a swim.

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