Thursday, September 22, 2016

Milestone Moment: My Child Emailed Me - Thank You Kahn Academy

Before leaving home yesterday, I asked my 10 year old son to read two chapters in the book he is currently reading and to do one Mastery Challenge on Kahn Academy Math on the IPad. (If you haven't discovered Kahn Academy yet, I highly recommend it regardless of how you choose to educate your child.) Typically I give a timeframe of 30 minutes for Kahn Academy, but since my daughter and I were going out for errands I thought I'd go easy on him. Mastery Tasks as the term implies are selected questions assigned by the program that represent the level of the student and are offered as a means of determining skill mastery. Unfortunately, the Mastery Tasks don't always show up on the students dashboard on the Kahn Academy IPad Application.  (From my experience, it does consistently appear on the laptop version.)
Therefore, while Elisabeth and I were at Target, I received my first email from Jonah ever. He didn't bother typing anything other than the subject line as there was no need: "There's no mastery tasks😕"
I have to admit, that I was amused and proud.

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