Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cow Appreciation Day - Moo!

Friday, July 10th was Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-a. This meant that if you came dressed as a cow you would receive free food. Depending on the degree of your commitment you would receive either a free entree or a free meal. Well, we all like Chick-fil-a for it's food and play area, so I thought we should try to participate. I used my limited creative skills and managed to have the time to make three cow costumes.


I was pleasantly surprised by my beloved husband, as he was willing and even enthusiastic about wearing the cow shirt and hat. (Although, he did complain about the noxious fumes from the markers I had to use on his and Jonah's shirts.) He even made himself a clip on tail. (Look closely at the picture above.) I guess we showed considerable effort as we ended up getting all of our food for free. I wasn't dressed, but had the cow hat on and I was holding Elisabeth which seemed enough to warrant a free meal for me as well. For the record, some cashiers were a bit more strict than others.


We also invited our friends Tyson & Gina and Tom & Amy to join us. It's always more fun with friends. (BTW, both couples are expecting their first child - so they got to see a glimpse of their future.)


Free Food, Fun and Friends - what more could you ask for on a Friday evening.

Click here to see more pictures.

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ladyjackalope said...

Shanna, I think you did a fantastic job with all the "cow" clothes,to me the spots look so much like the real spots on cows,looks like fun was had by all,good food,good friends,and enjoying your little family,love to all.