Thursday, July 09, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma Theresa!

Today is Kelly's Grandma's birthday, so last night Kelly decided we should record a video for her. So we gather around his computer to record us all singing Happy Birthday and such. We were proud of it at first since Jonah actually sang, sort of, and Elisabeth talked, but then Kelly found the sound to be too low:

So we tried again. Everyone did pretty well this second time as well (Jonah sang even better), but somehow the video got cut off so none of Elisabeth's talking got included:

So by this 3rd and final take the kids were over it. Jonah didn't sing at all and then nearly attacked his sister who is really waning by this point:

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ladyjackalope said...

I know it has been a month,but I just had to watch and listen again,I thought all four of you did such a wonderful thing by doing this,and doing three was ever so special,I do not think Jonah could have gone another one,thanks again,hugs,kisses and love to all.