Friday, July 03, 2009

Father's Day Trip to Wilmington

We finally got all of our pictures from Father's day downloaded from both camera's. We drove to Wilmington and toured the Battleship North Carolina. I was really impressed by this mini-city. Back then it was all men and it was a good thing - no privacy in the bathroom. The sleeping arrangments seemed to be an afterthought, with most servicemen sleeping where they worked. If you were the doctor you slept in your office. If you worked in the communications area you slept there along with your coworkers. Etc. The bunks were stacked 5 and 6 high with 2 feet between each bunk. Here is a picture of Jonah sitting on one of the bunk frames.

It would take lots of typing for me to describe all the interesting things about this tour. Let's just say for a civilian like me it was all new and very interesting. It makes me wonder how a modern battleship would compare in it's design and layout especially considering the addition of women in the military. If you are in Wilmington, I highly recommend the tour. There are narrow stairs and lots of climbing up and down, but you can bypass the engine room and other areas and not have to endure that. We didn't skip anything and had to carry Elisabeth below decks and Jonah climbed up and down most of the steps with some hand holding from Mom. Plan to allocate 2-3 hours if you walk the whole tour and read a lot of the interpretive signs.
After that, we picked up some food and went to the beach. The water was perfect, but the wind covered our belongings with sand, so we pretty much just got in the water for a few minutes then left. Elisabeth loved the water. It was only her second time in the water.

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