Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Elisabeth's 1st Birthday Party

We had about 25 people (kids and adults) here on Friday night for Elisabeth's Birthday Party. The weather was stormy earlier but cleared up about 30 minutes after people started arriving. The kids had a great time in the pools and with the water sprinkler. Jonah kind of dominated the big pool as he likes to splash a lot and the other kids weren't really into that. Serra hung with him though and Olivia got more tolerant of his splashing towards the end. Jonah definitely had a good time. Elisabeth hung out in the baby pool by herself for a while, then little Yusef joined her. He didn't like the water and started crying which upset her and she started crying. And the end of the evening, we rewarded those who stuck around with the left over fireworks from Independence Day.

For all the pictures and video from the evening go to Flickr.

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