Saturday, July 25, 2009

Husband Brag

Today I co-hosted a baby shower for a dear friend and had to be gone from noon until 6 p.m. That meant Kelly and the kids were on their own for six whole hours. That was probably the longest I have been away from the house and it not overlap with bedtime. The house was a bit of a disaster when I left as I had been working on lots of prep for the baby shower - i.e. games, food, party favors, etc. (Thank heaven it was not being held at my house - THAT would have been stressful!) When I got home Kelly had picked up and vacuumed the living room, swept the kitchen, and was cooking some dinner. On top of that he had taken the kids to Target to get some different training pants for Jonah and was in potty training mode with him when I got home. Oh, oh and he bought diapers while at Target and even used coupons from my coupon binder. What a man!

As I write this, he is out having some manly, man time with a couple friends. You deserve it Sweety!


ladyjackalope said...

All I have to say is you have "One in a million" But of course I know what a sweetheart he is and has been all his life.Shanna you have the rights to "Husband Braging" and I have rights to "Grandson Braging" Proud of that young man,and proud of his wife for acknowledging what a great husband and father he is. How lucky Jonah and Elisabeth are to have you two as their parents,God Bless, Love to all. ;-D

Amy said...

Kelly rocks! I hope you have a great vacation!!!