Friday, October 09, 2009

Jonah Update

He is feeling much better today. He was very active this morning, but was still having a fever - although somewhat less than yesterday. I took him into the Doctor this morning. She checked him out and then last thing looked in his throat. She said, "It does look yucky in there! I'm surprised, because he isn't acting that sick." That's my boy! They took a culture and the preliminary result showed that is was NOT strep. So we are happy about that. We won't know for sure, for sure until this weekend though. They are probably growing the culture in a petri dish or something to get a better look at it. (Brings back memories of biology class.) Anyway, he did take a two and half hour nap today after I made him go in his room to watch a movie while I put Elisabeth down for a nap. I hate that he's sick, but that was kind of nice :-P Oh well, his temperature is still hovering around 100 degrees. We'll see what tomorrow brings. Elisabeth is exhibiting a very runny nose now but no temperature. So we are hoping this is all just a virus that will go away muy pronto.

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ladyjackalope said...

Good the Doctor ruled out Strep,just a everyday cold is bad enough.Hope they both get better real soon.Hope no one else gets sick. Good health to all and I pray the little ones are better to all.