Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What Character

Elisabeth's personality is really coming through these days and she seems to have a little mischievous streak. For instance, today I saw her eating on something she was holding in her hand. As I started to approach her to see what it was, she starts trotting down the hallway to get away from me. She was smart enough to anticipate my intentions and decide she wanted to keep her treat. Turns out it was a bread stick she found in her brother's room - I let her keep it. :) On several occasions I have caught her taking clean diapers out and putting them in the trash can. On one hand it shows me she knows where the dirty ones go, on the other hand, I have to periodically check the trash can for clean diapers. She also likes to get trash out of the kitchen can and play in the dog bowls. Also, I have gone in my room to find an entire box of tissues emptied of its contents. She and Jonah really enjoy each other right now. However, there are times when Jonah does something she doesn't like and she starts screaming and looking at me like, "Do something about this please!" She loves the dogs, but will occasionally taunt Leto when he's in his crate. She is not fearful when he starts growling. She absolutely LOVES Barney! As soon as she sees the show, she starts squealing with delight and rocking back and forth. It is partly due to the songs - did I mention she loves music? Another thing she enjoys is to come over and lay on you when you sit in the floor, thus the picture below.

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