Monday, October 12, 2009

Swine Flu?

Well, Jonah was completely back to normal yesterday but Elisabeth was having a very runny nose that started Saturday and a temperature that exceeded 102 at one point. Then I started feeling really yucky about lunch time yesterday. It escalated in to violent chills, fever, sensitive skin, and achiness last night. I felt as wretched as one can feel and not have intestinal stuff on top of it. Tylenol helped the fever, but I have had trouble with the achiness. It seems to be the most painful where I already have issues - my lower back. This morning I am still dealing with that, a soar throat, and fever which manifests as hot flashes. If this is what Jonah had (which is my assumption) he is a tough little guy - although Kelly thinks it just may be rougher on adults. After some emails with some other ladies who have kids at the preschool where Jonah goes, some of their kids have tested positive for swine flu and have had the same symptoms as I described above. The positive thing is everyone says it's not as long lasting and severe as regular flu and if Jonah is any example - he had two bad days and then one day where he acted normal and then crashed. The other good news is it looks like Elisabeth has already recovered or nearly so - I haven't noticed a fever today and her runny nose is almost gone. She is still a bit congested though. Kelly is home taking care of all of us and took Jonah to preschool this morning. He's feeling head congestion today, which is what I was feeling Friday/Saturday, but we're hoping and praying he doesn't get this and that I recover quickly. I feel better today than last night - Thank God!


ladyjackalope said...

Here is hoping all of you are better and Kelly has not come down with this "whatever" if doctor ruled out H1N1 with Jonah,maybe it is just the regular flu,not that that is any thing you would want either.Did the culture on Jonah discern and/or completely rule out H1N1??And Elisabeth,hope she is doing better today?I just hope this will help build up your immune systems for this winter season.And no one gets sick.~;-D love to all.

Shanna said...

They only thing they tested Jonah for was Strep and I confirmed today that it was negative. I asked if they could tell H1N1 from the culture they took and the nurse said no - that it required a swab of the nose not the throat. She also said that they don't test for H1N1 unless there is hospitalization - which sounds like our pediatric office has a different philosophy on this than some other moms I know whose doctors did test their kids. As others have said though, it's not as bad as regular flu. I'm still thinking that H1N1 is the most likely diagnosis for what we've had. Kelly says he isn't feeling bad, so we're hoping it has missed him. :)