Wednesday, October 28, 2009

That a Boy!

One day last week, I went to pick Jonah up at preschool and as I was walking down the hall heard the teacher call his name and tell him to come sit down along with another child. When I got to the window I could see him sitting in a chair in "time out" along with another little boy while the rest of the class was sitting in the floor listening to a story. I asked the assistant what he was doing and she said that he wouldn't sit down and listen but was running around and went up behind the other teachers chair. I thought that sounded like typical Jonah stuff. The next time I picked him up though, I was glad to see him sitting and listening to the teacher.

Well yesterday I picked him up and found a handmade BUG certificate in his bag. BUG stands for Being Unusually Good. When I read the little certificate it said, "Jonah was extra nice to Jack today when Jack was sad." Awww..... I was so proud. He had a little reward in his bag too. We have been trying to teach him to be sensitive to his sisters feelings - especially when he has done something to hurt her - and it's nice to know he is learning to be sympathetic to others outside of our home environment. We asked him a couple of times what happened with Jack today and finally he told us that Jack was crying and missed his mommy.

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Nanaof4 said...

Shanna, that is the sweetest story. He's all boy but a sweet boy. The photos are beautiful too. They are both adorable;) Gaynell