Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Day at the North Carolina State Fair

Last Sunday we decided if we were going to go to the State Fair, that would be the best day to go, crowd-wise, as it was kind of dreary and cold and historically that first Sunday wasn't a big attendance day. I guess we prefer a little drizzle to dealing with a big crowd. On our approach to the fairgrounds you can see several ferris wheels and this inspired Jonah right away. "I want to go there and ride that," he kept saying as we circled the fairgrounds in search of a place to park.
Once inside, we passed the Turkey shoot which was upsetting Elisabeth greatly - that whole loud noise thing - and went in search of the animals. On the way we found the UNC-TV tent that had various plywood creatures propped up out front - many that Jonah was familiar with from his PBS cartoons. This is the one that really got his attention.


Inside the tent were people in Character costumes - all the Super Why characters and Curious George. But when we went to get in line to meet them, Jonah was afraid. A little too life-like and adult sized. On the way out of the tent he stopped to sort food into their food groups - super boring for mom and dad, but Jonah really got into it, although he was putting the face pretzels into the vegetable bin - only if!

We went over to the poultry tent from there. They had an area where kids could pet baby chicks and ducklings.

Jonah made the height requirement for several of the kiddie rides so we got some ride tickets.


Jonah finally got to go up in the Ferris Wheel.
Here you can see Jonah waving at Daddy and Daddy waving back from below.

There were some photo props around that made for some of the funniest pictures.
Jonah loves to get his picture taken. He's such a ham! Reminds me of his Papaw (smile).

For more pictures and video from our day at the fair go here

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