Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Long Awaited Milestone

A couple of weeks ago she fell asleep
on the couch for the 1st time
This week Elisabeth has been going to bed without me holding and rocking her to sleep. Since my trip in February she reverted to needing that routine every night with a few exceptions here and there. I think when I returned in February I was struck by the fact that she is growing up so quickly and so decided to let it go and enjoy cuddling with her. Over the last couple of months however it has become more of a chore. She is bigger and squirms and takes forever to drop off to sleep. Finally, one night early this week after 45 minutes of her squirming and sweating in my arms I cajoled her into her crib and sat by her bed reassuring her until she dropped off to sleep. I have persisted all week at this making it her new routine. I guess the next step will be putting both kids in bed and leaving the room altogether. We'll see.....

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