Monday, June 18, 2012

First Day of Camp

We are staying in the Wilmington area this week so that Jonah can attend a summer camp at University of North Carolina - Wilmington. I found out about their MarineQuest program back in January. Today was his first day (well, half-day actually) of camp. I found myself on the verge of tears when I left him there. He has attended half-day programs like this before and went to preschool for a year when he was 3, but somehow this seemed different.

First of all, he got to sleep late and we had to be up and out by 7:20 this morning, so I was concerned he would be tired - he nearly fell asleep in the car. Secondly, there was a fairly long list of things he needed to have with him - a backpack with a change of clothes, extra pair of shoes, towel, water bottle, sunscreen, snack, jacket and hat. He's never had to keep up with so much by himself before. Lastly, I have only ever dropped him off and he's stayed at the same place until I returned. In this case, he will be traveling in a school bus to various locations - the beach, the aquarium, the marsh, etc. Seeing him get on a school bus for the first time was a poignant scene for me.

Hanging out waiting for instructions - I had already said my goodbye's

I saw him trying to make friends with the bigger kid next to him
Getting on a "school bus" for the first time ever

That being said, I think Jonah and I were both excited this morning especially after seeing the schedule for the week with topics covering all the things he's interested in. He is attending the Sea Dawgs camp, which is for boys only. The topics for the week include whale and dolphin identification, squid propulsion, pirate hideouts, scrimshaws, a treasure hunt, and fish identification among other things.

Well, I'll be picking him up in a little while. I'm praying he had a good time and will be motivated to get to bed and be well rested for tomorrow.
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Gina said...

Oh Gosh, that is a big deal! I'm almost in tears for you. Let us know how it went. I didn't realize how involved it was when you told me about it. Sounds like a great adventure though. :)

Shanna said...

He was tired after class, but had a good time. He said they took rowboats out and talked about why we don't want to throw trash in the ocean. And they had a snack on the beach and went swimming. They played a terrestrial version of Marco Polo to demonstrate echo location. They talked about sea monsters and the Kraken and made a spy glass. Now he's chilling out watching Tinkerbell with his little sister.