Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day Two of SeaDawgs: Environmentally-Conscious Pirates in the Making

Jonah is enjoying his SeaDawgs camp. Yesterday, I asked him what he learned and he said, "not to throw trash in the ocean" and he talked about learning about echo location in a [tag or Marco Polo type] game they played on the beach. Everyday, there seems to be pirate-themed activities to keep the boys (ages 5-7) interested. Today, they went to a marsh and talked about hurricanes (sinking pirate ships), pirate hideouts, and sea monsters. Jonah claims there was a mechanical sea monster attacking their boat and they fought each with real swords. He made sure to state that there was a doctor nearby in case anyone got hurt [that made me smile]. I'm skeptical about all that, but what an imagination if he's making it up!  [I hope to confirm all this at the parent presentations on the last day.]

Getting off the bus

Waiting for me to sign him out

Tomorrow is aquarium day! Jonah loves the aquarium and is very excited about it. We are both excited that he only has to take a baggy with a snack and drink tomorrow - no sunscreen rubdown in the morning and no big backpack to lug around - yay! 

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