Saturday, June 23, 2012

Jonah and the Whale

Sorry about the title, but I REALLY couldn't resist. Jonah drew this during his last day of summer camp. The families joined the class for the final few minutes on the last day for a presentation. We were able to see some photos that were taken during their weeklong adventure. The boys were also given the opportunity to talk about something they learned about during the week using their drawings. Jonah went to the front of the room with a dozen other SeaDawgs to share. He described his drawing beginning with the Blue Whale, "It's the largest mammal on earth."  Then he pointed out the pirate ship, Portuguese Man of War, giant squid, mommy blue whale with baby, and two divers. 

Did you know that Baleen Whales, like the Blue Whale and Humpback whale, have two blow holes and the toothed whales, like the Sperm Whale and Orca, have only one?  I only just recently found out that some whales had two "nostrils" and some had one (I was reading to Jonah at the time), but I wasn't sure which.  Now I know. So we all learned a little something this week.
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