Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Chester's Roman Fort and Museum

Chester's Roman Fort and Museum is significant for the level of preservation of the fort and it's location along the picturesque River Tyne. The site contains the most complete remains of a Roman calvary fort and baths in Britain. The museum at Chester's contains a large collection of Roman artifacts the most significant of which are stone sculptures and inscriptions. Most of the artifacts in the museum were uncovered along the central section of Hadrian's wall by John Clayton (1792-1890), without whom, Chester's, in particular, and Hadrian's Wall, in general, would not be preserved and available to visitors today.
The bathhouse overlooking the Tyne River.
Roman Bathhouse as seen from the Tyne
Jonah and I enjoying the Sauna!
Extensive remains of the Roman Bathhouse at Chester's
Hadrian's Wall crossed the River Tyne here supported by a bridge
The walls in the main room of the museum are lined with sculptures and inscriptions mainly of a religious nature
The Edwardian era display of artifacts is significant in and of itself

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