Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Melrose Abbey

Looking from the west toward the nave
Melrose Abbey was established 1136 by King David I of Scotland. It was destroyed and rebuilt several times in the struggle between Scotland and England. The spectacular ruins that survive today dates from the 1400's. The elaborate designs that include sculptures of saints, gargoyles and plants that grace the ruinous halls and walls add to the visual appeal of this sacred place. Several Scottish Kings are buried here and it is believed that the heart of Robert the Bruce is also interred here.
Melrose Abbey with Burial Marker for Robert the Bruce's Heart in the foreground
View from the southwest
Side view of the southern transept and nave
Steps to the bell tower
Bagpipe playing pig
The view of the choir area from the bell tower
Gargoyles and saints stare out from the walls
The ceiling of the nave
Ornate leaf patterns decorate the interior supports
The memorial marker locating the reburial of the supposed heart of Robert the Bruce.

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