Friday, March 30, 2012

Farm Animal Days 2012 at NCState

Yesterday, we met friends at Farm Animal Days put on by NCState University at their Lake Wheeler Road facilities. This is our second year attending. We got there at 9:30 a.m. with a steady procession of cars filled with moms and kids. Thirty minutes later, there was a steady stream of school buses, so it got crowded pretty quickly.

Last year, Jonah really enjoyed it, but this year he seemed a bit bored (it's not ocean related after all).  Elisabeth on the other had, seemed to delight in seeing and petting the animals.  

She got to hold a baby chicken (or maybe it was a turkey); by the look on her face you can see she considered it a sacred thing.

The rabbit exhibit is one of the most popular. Last year, we didn't get near them it was so crowded. Getting there early this time allowed us an opportunity to actually pet them. Again, you can see Elisabeth was very enthusiastic while Jonah kind of hung back.

My favorite were the little lambs with their mothers.

The thing Jonah was most interested in this year was the big tractors. Thankfully, they had more of them this year than last. We got in the line for the biggest, of course. We did have to wait, but it didn't seem as long as last year.

Jonah's favorite thing last year was the calf roping.  Despite having more metal calves to rope this year, the lines were horrendous - so long, in fact, that Jonah never even saw the calf roping area. Not wanting to wait in the huge line, I chose not to bring it to his attention - call it a mother's prerogative.

They both enjoyed the free ice cream at the end.  However, when I asked Jonah what he like best about the event he said, "Leaving."  So I guess farming and animal husbandry are not in his future.

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Larae said...

we really wanted to go this year, but the kids were sick. hopefully next year!