Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sisterly Love

I blogged a couple of weeks ago about what good friends my kids are. Well, here is more proof of their admiration for one another.

Tonight, Elisabeth had a bath with Jonah which is fairly common - usually involves lots of splashing with mixed tones of giggling delight and angry whining. I got Elisabeth out of the tub to get ready for bed. As I'm brushing out the tangles out of her hair, she says, "Can Jonah have a sleep over with me."  "No," I say.  "You just had a bath with him; now it's time to go to bed." To which she replies, "I just want to be with Jonah."  (I think she misses the past three weeks of shared sleeping space in the RV and at Grammie's house.)

You should never do this, but I couldn't resist and I asked her, "Who do you love more: Mommy or Jonah?" Without a millisecond of thought, she immediately replies, "Jonah."

I haven't asked Jonah, but he'd probably have a similar response. And that's okay by me.

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Molly said...

aw sweet! I'm so enjoying watching the relationship between my girls grow and strengthen too. Sometimes I wonder whether having another child was the best decision for my sanity, but for them - I've no doubt in the world we made the best choice!
Thanks for stopping by mine!