Wednesday, August 05, 2009

RV Trip - Part 2

Wednesday, July 29th

By this time I had figured out that camping with Elisabeth now versus 1 month ago was a bit harder. She is much more mobile now which made it difficult to keep her happy. We would have to block the steps in the RV so she didn't fall down them (Jonah even stumbled out the door on one occasion.) And if you put her outside on a blanket she would be in the firepit eating charcoal before you knew it. So she pretty much had to be in the packnplay or in the stroller for much of the trip. And like any human being, she didn't really like having her freedom taken away.

The weather was rainy so we packed up pretty quickly and left the Mathews Arm campground to continue our drive on down the Skyline Drive. At one point, a huge owl swooped down in front of us and soon thereafter, we spotted our third and final bear of the trip.

Since the weather was still wet, we just enjoyed the drive and didn't make any stops on our way to the next campground. Big Meadows was great - except for the fact that you have to pay for the showers ($1 for 5 minutes).


The campsites are all flat and grassy and there are deer everywhere. Walking to the showers, I came within 5 ft of one deer and it just looked at me and then continued grazing.

Deer along the drive:

A doe with triplets grazing in the campground:

A buck grazing near our campsite:

Our setup at Big Meadows:

After getting our campsite set up and having some lunch, we drove back down the road to an overlook where there was a short little spur trail.



It was trying to rain again so we went back to camp and just hung out a bit, made some dinner, and then went for a walk around the campground. It tried to rain on us again but we were rewarded with a rainbow.


We checked out the lodge and found a short little trail to a vista point and enjoyed watching the sunset. Kelly took some really amazing photos of that. You'll have to check our our flickr page to see all of them.



So, yes it was quite a day. More to come......

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