Friday, August 28, 2009

RV Trip - Part 5

Sunday, August 2nd

Me and the kids slept in while Kelly got up early and hiked to the top of Sharp Top. It was raining by the time he returned so we decided to continue driving south on the parkway. I was a bit bummed out by the rain, it being our last day and all. So I focused myself on taking pretty pictures from the passenger seat. There is just something about country roads that I think are beautiful. Here is a sample:


We stopped at Mabry Mill and had a late lunch. By the time we were finished eating the rain stopped and the sun came out. This brightened my spirits a bit as well and we walked around to enjoy all the interpretive displays. The also had a folk music band playing and little makeshift stage for the locals to dance a jig. It was a really beautiful place as you can see from the pictures.


We left there made a concerted effort to get home, which only took a couple hours not including the dinner stop. Once we got back though, we had to unload the RV and get it ready for drop off the next morning. Just writing all the activity in the trip down from beginning to end makes me tired. We had a good time but didn't get much rest. Our next vacation will consist of going to one place and staying for a few days. We'll wait until both kids can really enjoy it before doing the RV thing again.

We took several hundred pictures on this trip so if you think you can stand more here's the slideshow.

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